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How I got started...

The world of photography presented itself to me in 1983.

Two years later I started Dale M Peterson Photography. What an exceptional ride I began. The progression has been an amazing experience. Each opportunity I've had for the last thirty years has helped me grow. Now, I'm looking forward to the next thirty + years.

The greatest gift photography has given me has been choices. What I have chosen to do with each choice has helped my vision and my success.

Dale M. Peterson Photography: Biography

In my opinion...

This is the greatest profession there is. I get to work with the most creative and gifted people, travel here and there, and not have to work from 9 to 5.
~ It's more like 4am to Midnight - and I love it!

What makes me tick...

Growing up the 9th of 10 children has taught me one vital lesson; to think creatively under pressure. Oh how this has been an asset in the world of photography.

There are gifts that go along within this line of work, for example; patience, creativity, and the people I work with.

Every day I am gifted with the opportunity to create that "one of a kind on the planet" image. With each assignment I have, I look for that opportunity